Confesercenti, for independent work over 350 thousand less employed since the beginning of the pandemic

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Confesercenti: “We are in a delicate phase: the signs of restart are there, but not in all sectors: the recovery of tourism in August is not enough to cancel a period of difficulty that has lasted for 18 months now”.

“An endless lockdown, which is wiping out entrepreneurs, artisans, professionals and self-employed. Despite the signs of recovery in the economy and the summer season, independent employment continues to suffer: in July, according to Istat estimates, there is the disappearance of another 47 thousand independent jobs compared to June, which brings the balance from the beginning of the pandemic to over 350 thousand fewer employees “. This is how Confesercenti comments,in a note, on the provisional Istat estimates on employment in July.

“The pandemic and restrictions have had a huge impact on independents. The green pass should guarantee to avoid new closures, but the crisis is not yet averted. We are in a delicate phase: the signs of restart are there, but not in all sectors: the resumption of tourism in August is not enough to cancel a period of difficulty that has now lasted for 18 months. Attention must therefore still be maintained and economic activities continued to be supported. In particular, small businesses in tourism, trade and services, which represent the vital economic and employment fabric of our territories and which have suffered more than others from the impact of the pandemic. We cannot afford to miss this historic challenge and opportunity.”

Covid: 140 million coming to support closed activities during emergency

Giorgetti: “It is a dutiful measure, promised to the categories. It is right that for discos and gyms there is a special tool “.

Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti activated the 140 million euro fund to support business activities and professions that have remained closed by law, as a result of the restrictive measures adopted to face theCovid emergency. Discos and dance halls are some of the activities that can request non-repayable contributions up to a maximum of 25 thousand euros, for each beneficiary, and to which a share of 20 million euros of the fund established by the Ministry is destined.

Up to 12 thousand euros the amount of contributions that can instead be requested by other activities admitted to the measure such as gyms, sports facilities, theme parks, theaterevents, cinema, art, fairs and ceremonies.

“It is a dutiful measure, promised to the categories that have been forced to remain closed by law”, declares the Minister of Economic Development Giorgetti. “It is right – he adds – that discos, gyms and other realities in similar conditions have a special tool having paid a higher price due to the changes imposed by the restrictive rules against Covid. On the occasion of the meetings at the Mise, but also in other contexts, this need and urgency had come out in a decisive way. Let’s start with this fund, 140 million, but it can be refinanced if necessary”.

The interministerial decree, already signed by Minister Giorgetti, defines thelist of activities that are entitled to benefit from economic support, as they have remained closed for a total period of at least one hundred days, as well as the criteria and methods for requesting the contribution. The deadlines for initiating the beneficiaries’ requests will be communicated by the Revenue Agency, which can subsequently proceed with the direct accreditation of the non-repayable contribution.