Ferrara: international fairs, the CdC supports the participation of local companies

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The Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara has provided for a maximum non-repayable contribution of 3,000 euros for each company.

Support companies in making known, through participation in international fairs in Italy and abroad, their products and services to markets around the world and develop their own direct knowledge of the tastes, habits and needs of the various market segments. This is the objective of the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara which, in the first weeks of October, will make available to Ferrara entrepreneurs incentives for the rental of exhibition spaces, the preparation of stands, the purchase of interpreting services, hostesses and stewards, transport to destination, insurance and handling of materials and products for the fair, the creation of corporate communication material to be exhibited or distribute at the fair as brochures, catalogs, films or company presentations and advertisements. For each company, a maximum non-repayable contribution of 3,000 euros is foreseen.

” Fairs have proven to be an important asset of our economy, and will be even more so after these times of pandemic crisis.” Paolo Govoni,extraordinary commissioner of the Chamber of Commerce, added: “We havelong been starting a system approach and collaboration in particular with trade associations, joining forces to increase the number of exporting ferrara companies and make the presence abroad of SMEs that export occasionally more structural. In 2020, the Chamber of Commerce invested more than two and a half million euros to support companies in the restart and, in 2021, in collaboration with trade associations, we will invest as many – if not more – in access to credit, digital innovation, orientation to international markets, support for projects on tourism and sustainability”.

The survey of the Chamber of Commerce: for the 1,000 companies interviewed by the Ente di Largo Castello, international fairs still allow to progressively improve the learning of the different ways of communicating with customers. In particular, among the benefits deriving from participation reported by entrepreneurs, the high concentration of public and competitors; the concrete possibility of evaluating “live” the reactions of the potential customer; the encouragement of the motivation to purchase; access to a public that is not always known; the very low cost/contact ratio; the development of the company’s image; the initiation of commercial relations; the expansion of the network of representatives or customers; comparison with the competition; the survey on the acceptance of new products and services; conducting appropriate market research; the collection of orders and / or the creation of the premises to obtain them later.