Fujitsu, the eleventh generation of desktops and workstations arrives

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Agility, power and flexibility to support changes in working life and operate in home office contexts

Here comes the new generation of Fujitsudesktops and workstations,designed for all those who need to work in the office or from home, with devices that consume less power and run silently, but without any compromise in terms of performance. The full range of new Esprimo desktops and eleventh-generation Celsius workstations features the latest Intel chipset and 11th generation Intel Core processors to deliver superior performance with reduced power consumption. Available from this month of September, in Italy the new products will be marketed exclusively together with all the other products and solutions of the Fujitsu offer by Finix Technology Solutions,Fujitsu’s reference partner for our country.

Within the new range stands out the Esprimo G5011 model, an elegant ultra-compact mini desktop PC proposed inside a thin chassis with a volume of only 0.86 liters.

Ideal for an out-of-sight installation – behind a monitor or under a desk, for example – the new Esprimo G5011 is an excellent solution for meeting rooms and collaborative workspaces, conference facilities and classrooms, as well as for home office environments.

Ready for complex application scenarios such as CAD, CAE, multimedia, design and visualization, this unit delivers high performance with powerful Intel Xeon W-1300 processors coupled with improvements in I/O speeds and memory. The extremely sharp graphics performance is based on a dual slot for installing full-length RTX graphics cards up to the Nvidia RTX A5000 model. This new system also possesses a huge storage capacity and allows you to work transparently with large data files through NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSDs for high-speed information transfer.

Bologna: 400 thousand euros of contributions for the safety of companies

Grants are allocated primarily to eligible applications from women’s businesses, youth enterprises and legally rated companies.

The Chamber of Commerce of Bologna allocates 400,000 euros of contributions aimed at supporting the costs for the acquisition and installation of security systems and services for micro and small enterprises, consortia and networks of companies exposed to crime.

The resources are intended for the purchase and installation of: anti-robbery video alarm systems; video surveillance; anti-intrusion systems; safes; anti-lacquering systems; armored doors; shatterproof glass; night lighting devices; electronic payment devices; acquisition of systems on loan for use connected to security services and contracts stipulated with supervisory institutions for the surveillance of company premises and related service fees referred to the current year.

Contributions are aimed at interventions supported from 1 January 2021 to the date of submission of the application.

The sums are assigned primarily to eligible applications from women’s businesses, youth businesses and companies with a legality rating (assigned by the Competition and Market Authority), proceeding with a proportional reduction if the available funds were not sufficient to allocate a full contribution to these categories of companies.

The amount of the contribution consists of 50% of the eligible costs with a maximum limit of 3,000 euros. The application can be submitted to the electronic counter from 9.00 am on 6 September 2021 (applications sent before are rejected by the system) to 13.00 on 27 September 2021.