Livorno: contributions for young start-ups and digital

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In September, the call for proposals to support innovation and technological and digital development of micro and small enterprises and to support young start-ups starts. The resources available will amount to 200 thousand euros.

The resources that the Municipality of Livorno makes available for the support of innovation and technological and digital development of Micro and Small Enterprises (MPI), freelancers with VAT number and youth start-up amount to 200 thousand euros.

The City Council, in this morning’s session, approved the guidelines for the adoption of the new call that will be published in September immediately after the presentation in a webinar on September 22nd.

“With this new measure, the Municipal Administration continues the action of economic support for the digital innovation of our business system – underlines the Councilor for Labor and Economic Development Gianfranco Simoncini who proposed the resolution in the Council – fundamental to face today’s challenges. Over the last two years and with this new call, we have managed to make available to companies and professionals about 2 million euros for innovation. The response of companies has been very positive, using all the available resources and in some cases leading the Administration to have to find additional resources, a fact that demonstrates the dynamism of a good part of our entrepreneurial and professional system”.

The call also provides for the recognition of rewards both for youth companies and for those innovative interventions that favor the employment of disadvantaged people.

“A decision that represents an encouragement that we intend to give to the courage of young people who put themselves to the test in doing business and towards the need to promote access to work for the weakest subjects” says Simoncini.

The interventions admitted to contribution must be characterized by a significant technological, innovative and digital content and concern investments made and located in the territory of the Municipality of Livorno. Only expenses incurred from the date of publication of the announcement, duly invoiced and paid on the date of submission of the application, will be admitted.

For each beneficiary company, the non-repayable contribution can cover up to 60% of the eligible costs,which can be increased to 70% in the case of recognition of rewards and in any case up to a maximum amount of 10 thousand euros.

The call will remain open until resources are exhausted and in any case no later than December 9, 2021,with the right to finance any applications included in the waiting list.